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Custom Painted 3D


Hi, I’m Megan! I am a proud Navy Vet, and a proud mom (to both a son and bunch of kitties!). I originally started helping a friend with his prop making business and helping him make different armor sets and what not and little odds and ends. I’m his designated painter and paint most of the details (not all, he does the super intricate details while I crank out the bigger pieces). I started this hand painting of models and statues as an off shoot of that. I’ve always been fascinated by little model kits, putting them together and painting them. As life has gone on, and a shoulder reconstruction surgery, I pulled the trigger and bought a 3D printer to print off silly things for my amusement in my down time. I printed off a couple of statues and started painting them out of boredom. Showed them off to a few friends and my boss and they all said I should really consider starting up a small shop for custom pieces like that. I specialize is painting sci-fi bust, models, and statues. I’m thinking about maybe trying my hand at some popular anime statues soon enough. But my favorites are anything Star Wars, Marvel, Sci-Fi kinda stuff. When I’m not painting models or in the shop painting armor, I’m either reading a book or playing video games. I try to stream my gaming sessions when I can and I’ll add my info down below. I might also start streaming my painting process too. I’m slowly working on building my shop up and hopefully will have it up and running soon 🙂 I truly enjoy painting and making customized things and look forward to to adding a little bit of customized pieces to your collection!

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Check out my Gallery to see what I’ve done so far! I’ll be constantly uploading new pictures as I finish different projects ^_^